What Is That???


So many stories about..... well, if I told you that it would ruin the punch line so....

It's 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon and Mrs. Smith calls in a panic. She tells the receptionist, "I must come right away! There's something wrong with Pookie Bear!" The receptionist puts Mrs. Smith on hold, comes back and asks me, "Can we squeeze Mrs. Smith in? I know we are double booked, but she says its an emergency. She says something is very wrong with Pookie Bear." Of course, I acquiesce and tell the receptionist to have her come in right away. 25 minutes later Pookie Bear is in Room Two and I see my technician leaving the room with an odd look on her face. I ask her what is wrong with poor Pookie Bear. "He has a nipple." she replies. "Excuse me?" I enter the room and Mrs. Smith explains to me that Pookie Bear had been out in the yard relaxing in the grass. When he came inside she cuddled him in her lap and checked him for ticks, just to be safe. What would you know but she found one! A big one! So, she went to get her tweezers, grabbed it, and pulled and pulled and pulled. But that darn tick was stuck tight!! She had read that the longer they are attached, the higher the likelihood that they may transmit disease, so she panicked and called to bring him in right away. Could I please hurry up and remove it? Luckily, I have perfected the art of keeping a straight face over the years, which came in handy as I gently explained to Mrs. Smith that she had, in fact, been trying to tear off Pookie Bear's nipple.

My other favorite nipple stories, and this happens A LOT, are when owners ask why their male dog has nipples. To be honest, it is almost always a male owner asking this. In my earlier years I used to patiently explain that both sexes have nipples and that it is perfectly normal. Now that I am a little older and more comfortable with my clients, sometimes I like to have a little fun and I simply look at the man and ask, "Well sir, don't you have nipples?" 😊

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