The Clients....


She did what???

Clients do the darndest things. Over my 16 years in practice (and time spent as a veterinary assistant prior to vet school) I have had the opportunity to know many wonderful clients and their pets. And let me tell you, no two clients are exactly alike. Just to get some nomenclature straight, in veterinary medicine we call the animals (from fish to elephants) the "patient" and their owners the "clients". This has always seemed obvious to me, but in certain conversations in the past, has caused much confusion so I wanted to make sure we are all on the same page. Also, for any readers out there thinking vet med is the place to be if you love animals and feel a little lukewarm about two-legged homo sapiens, don't forget that every animal comes with a client attached. There are plenty of sad stories, but I am going to use this section to tell some funny ones! 

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